We help you solve your labour problems

Imagine that you no longer have to deal with time- and energy-intensive recruitment, it will be our job to select a quality and properly trained workforce. You just need to gauge what jobs and how many new employees you need to make your business even more successful.

Precise, fast work with the best people

We have been working in the field of human resources for decades now. During this time, we learned how to fill a vacancy efficiently and quickly with the ideal employee.

Our professional mission is to use state-of-the-art solutions to find job seekers. That’s why we keep an eye on the latest professional trends and put them into practice. In addition, we strive to find and employ the best professionals in the field. This makes it possible for us to provide a demanding service that results in the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

You can finally forget about the endless days that the recruitment processes have meant, there are no more unnecessary circles, and you can also avoid the annoyance of choosing the wrong candidates. From now, you can spend this valuable time on other things that will raise the value of your business.

Our customers have already transferred this burden to us, do you want to do the same?

What you can count with us:

Our main goal is to fulfill the tasks of our partners with sufficient precision, but at the same time flexibly, in accordance with Their interests and ideas, and with the greatest expertise and speed.

We have a nationwide recruitment network, which ensures that we can select the most suitable candidate for the given position from the largest possible immersion opportunity.

The key to our success lies in our employees. It is essential that those who come in contact with us feel that their problems and questions are important to us and they can count on us at any time.

Because we try to take as much burden as possible from our client’s shoulders, we will save you even more time as part of our additional services. (organization of bus transport and accommodation, medical fitness administration, further training, work clothes)

We strive to quickly and precisely select the most suitable workforce for your company, and with the help of our constantly expanding database and advertising spaces, we immediately filter out potential candidates.

With the help of our temporary workforce service, we can provide a workforce of 10-250 people for multi-shift employment, which you can use in a short time. Depending on the current state of the production process, the number of employees can be adjusted

Why choose us?

1. Many years of experience in the field of temporary agency work

So, we have sufficient insight and experience in the various stages of recruitment, and during our professional journey we had to face a lot of problems to be solved, seemingly bold challenges, with which we have gained additional routine to find the best solution for you.

2. The basis of a long-term business relationship: reliability

In order to gain your trust, we undertake a guarantee for your Company regarding the required expertise and the agreed deadline.

3. Ongoing contact with customers

We will hold your hand throughout the whole process, from the beginning of the recruitment to the termination of the employment relationship. We are at your serve in case of any problems. We ensure the continuous dialogue between the employer and the employee, the flow of information and through this the satisfaction of both parties with the help of our expert HR staff

4. We are flexible, we adapt

We are not waiting you with a conveyor belt-like service, we want to serve your individual needs in the best way possible. We do not know the impossible, there is no unsolvable task for us. Our client can count on us for occasional, short-term or long-term orders.

Employees of our company


Trained workers:

Production line assemblers, machine operators, cleaners, assemblers


Electrical and mechanical technicians


Forklift operators, warehousers, material handlers, packers



Able to work independently from a drawing


Certified welders

AWI, Co2, electrode


Milling machines, lathes, edge benders

On universal or CNC controlled machines


Printing activities

Machine operation, machine service, other activities


TPM maintainers

Munkaerő kölcsönzés

Don’t you want to bother with recruiting?


Never find the right labor for you and can always start over?

If you are known to you and have managed to arouse your interest, or have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us by clicking the button!