Your company can save time and money by hiring staff

Dear Decision Maker,

You are looking for a demanding, skilled workforce for your job, but constant searching does not bring the expected results…?

Annoying that there are fewer and fewer reliable employee…?

Tired of the tasks and stress of recruiting constantly…?

Contact us and we will solve your labor shortage problems!

Munkaerő kölcsönzés

We know what you really need!

Moreover, we are not only offering a temporary solution, but we are indeed able to offer a solution to your workforce problems in the long run.

Our team of continuously trained experts, with methods in line with current trends, will find you a truly demanding and professional workforce to make your Company even more successful by building on them.

Does all this sound too simple?

Don’t be fooled by the fact that based on your past experience, many promise easy success, and then it soon turns out that rashness and part-solutions lie behind the resounding sentences. It’s impossible to achieve the effectiveness you need with superficially selected target audience ads or partners working with amateur, less organized recruitment processes.

It is possible that you may be lucky enough to find the employee of your dreams, however, as a great business leader, you can’t rely on the position of the stars against a well-organized, guaranteed-efficient processes.

If you doing like this you can have serious consequences, such as a deterioration in a company’s productivity, the introduction of inferior quality products on the market and ultimately, a reduction in the number of consumers.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Have you ever think what the real root of the problem is?

Quite a few HR companies that claim to be professional and first-class do not really have extensive recruitment coverage, their database does not included masses to reach, even for a medium volume order. When, the order arrives, there comes the rush and panic, and the password “no matter from where and with whom” will prevail, only to be able to meet the quantitative and futures requirements. At the expense of quality, they can succeed, but it won’t be long before the serviced manager shows up at the temporary employment contractor.

Why choose us?

Since the start of the company, Efficiency Kft has based on a professional and reliable staff, the cohesive force of which is helpfulness. Armed with the experience we have gained since the beginning, we have developed even further, so that we can help your company with the best services. Our team of experts ensures the excellent quality of our employee database through thorough selection processes, so We take the golden rule “not only quantity but also quality matters” seriously.

Our partners include, but are not limited to, trained workers, machine operators, forklift operators, warehousers or goods handlers. We also have experience in employing professionals related to CNC machining, steel machining and other metal industry activities.

When are we needed?



In the event of a sudden shortage of labor due to leave or illness


Unexpected larger volume or urgent orders


Due to cost optimization, because you can account the fee for the temporary employment service as an expense, so it does not appear as a payroll expense

Employees of our company


Trained workers:

Production line assemblers, machine operators, cleaners, assemblers


Electrical and mechanical technicians


Forklift operators, warehousers, material handlers, packers



Able to work independently from a drawing


Certified welders

AWI, Co2, electrode


Milling machines, lathes, edge benders

On universal or CNC controlled machines


Printing activities

Machine operation, machine service, other activities


TPM maintainers

Now is your chance!

If you need an excellent and reliable, long-term workforce in your profession, and you want to guarantee the unbroken growth of the quality and value of your company, don’t delay any longer!

Ask for our free consultation, where we will explain in more detail how and in what form we can help your company in a personalized way.

For a free consultation, click the button and contact us at one of our contact details.