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With the experience it has gained in recent years and with a team of professionals who are constantly trained for development, Efficiency is striving to become an indispensable part in the labor hire market, with well-known partner companies, we provide you an excellent opportunity to take the next step in your career and be even more successful.

In our offer you will find, among other things, the largest and most stable production and manufacturing companies which have decades of experience. They are primarily looking for employees who are demanding for their work and long-term-minded. They provide with the opportunity for long-term cooperation that benefits both parties.

The number one goal of our company is to help those who are looking for a job to help them find a job that matches their expertise, qualifications and, last but not least, their desires. With our extensive partner network, we guarantee you that in a shorter time you will only have to choose from the best offers.

Therefore choose us:


So many people can't be wrong! Thousands of job seekers have already found a new job with us, their success can be a guarantee for you


Fully official, declared workplace

We only serve fully officially declared workplaces, with us you can forget about half-solutions, sliding salaries and various small print parts


Security and predictability

Our agency only works with partner companies that are completely reliable, predictable and stable. As an employee, you no longer have to worry that the salary will actually be credited to your account on the payday, because our company guarantees that the amount stipulated in your contract will be available to you by the agreed deadline in all cases. Furthermore you don’t have to worry about a loophole or “small print” in your agreement with your employer


We will find a job for you in a short time

There are a lot of multinational companies among our partners, so we can provide you with a job opportunities that are closest to your profile in short time


Decades of experience

We have decades of experience in the market of labor hire, thanks to which you can find the employer that best suits your qualifications, skills and ideas.


Ongoing support

With the help of our team of experts, misunderstood, inaccurate, superficial communication between you and your employer is ruled out. You can count on the cooperation of our experienced staff throughout the process, from the registration to the possible termination of employment.

Now is your chance!

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